Announcing: Mamma Mia! The Musical Cast!

I want to thank EVERYONE that auditioned. It was an amazing audition process and I am excited to be directing this phenomenal cast. This was not an easy decision as a result of ALL the wonderful talent. If you choose to not be in the cast (stay and have fun with us), please email me at The first rehearsal is May 21st at 6:00pm. —Amber Schuyler


Donna Sheridan ---------------------------------------- Sarah Griffin

Rosie Mulligan ----------------------------------------- Jenny Lansinger

Tanya Chesham-Leigh ------------------------------- Carrie Mena

Sophie Sheridan --------------------------------------- Cassidy Dueker

Ali -------------------------------------------------------- Lacie Boaz

Lisa ------------------------------------------------------ Ciara Huckeby

Sky ------------------------------------------------------ Elijah Tyner

Eddie --------------------------------------------------- Tanner Alsip

Pepper ------------------------------------------------- Aidan Thurman

Sam Carmichael ------------------------------------- DJ Shumaker

Bill Austin ------------------------------------------ Nic Simmons

Harry Bright ----------------------------------------- James Bales

Father Alexandrios ---------------------------------- Tony Stewart

CHORUS (in alphabetical order)

Maggie Absher — Jennifer Baker — Cassie Bales — Hattie Broyles

Mariel Chan-Ba — Jai Conner — Lainey Cross — Chloe Davenport

Brady Firle (Dance Cpt.) — Rebekah George — Cheridyn Hayes

Katherine Hoots — Shelbi Hyatt — Kat Ivey — Alicia Jackson

Molly Kohler — Malarie Lacey — Danessa Riggs — Kaeden Riggs

Kelden Riggs — Jessica Rinard — Sadie Schuyler — Breanna Shults

Emilie Stewart (Dance Cpt.) — Anastasia Taylor — Lauren Taylor

Ben Thompson — Jolie Tompkins — Sarah Weaver — Kassidy West

Solos will be distributed during the first week of rehearsal. There are several.