Announcing: Dracula Cast!

Congratulations to the spooky gang who will be bringing you Dracula this Halloween!

Count Dracula - Travis Supinger
Mina Murray - Hayden Mooneyhan
Lucy Westenra - Katharine Ivey
Jonathan Harker - Lacee Dolehanty
Renfield - Ben Capps
Dr. John Seward - Nicholas Edwards
Quincey Morris - Michael Tait
Arthur Holmwood - Caleb Supinger
Van Helsing - Rob Prince
Bella/Martita - Jemara Nicholson
Mortitia/Freda - Macey Bell
Lily/Yvonne - Marie Hall
Messenger/Innkeeper - Miles Mann
Mrs. Westenra - Cindy Hoppes-Rains
Florence Balcombe - Sarah Griffin

Any questions about this production can be directed to Bud Rains at (765) 465-8743 or