Announcing: Heathers: The Musical Cast!!

Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned for Heathers: The Musical! We had an amazing group to choose from and I’m so excited to get to work with all of you!

Veronica - Ciara Huckeby
JD - Joseph Massingale
Heather Chandler - Halle Catlow
Heather Duke - Lacee Dolehanty
Heather MacNamara - Hayden Mooneyhan
Martha Dunnstock - Maggie Absher
Ram Sweeney - DJ Shumaker
Kurt Kelly - Harrison Suesz
Ram’s Dad - Rob Prince
Kurt’s Dad - Bud Hoppes-Rains
Miss Fleming - Kathy Gray
Veronica’s Dad - Jacob Owens

Logan Nash, Olivia Meeker, Jennifer Baker, Matthew Caldwell, Nick Taylor, Marie Hall, Anastasia Taylor, Kassidy West, Ashley House, Xania Thurston

Our first rehearsal will be this Thursday, February 21st at 6pm. We’ll be giving out scripts and doing a read through of the book and giving out chorus solos. If you cannot make it, please email and let us know.