Thank you for your Generosity!

 Below you will find a list of items needed per show for our 2019 season, as the requests become available from the directors. If you have any of these items you would like to donate or if you would like to suggest items that you have that may be a good fit for our shows, please email with the Subject Line “Donations for [Show Name]”.


Heathers: The Musical

Items Needed:
Slushie machine(s)
Croquet set (red, blue, green, yellow)
Plastic School Lunch Trays
2 Pig Piñatas
Blue/White striped fabric/curtains
Fake Plants
Small garden table and 2 chairs
Candy displays
7/11 Slurpee cups
Frilly pink/white bedding or pillows
Dark blue bedding
Large Photo frames on Easels
30 flashlights
Motorized wheelchair
Clothing Rack