Our Dream Can Become A Reality

Community Theatre (n.) - theatre made by and intended for, members of a community.

By supporting the Guyer Opera House, you will be directly supporting the arts in Henry County. As a non-profit organization, all of our proceeds go directly back into the theatre; whether that is in updating the building to continually assure we have an accessible and inviting space to gather, or using those funds to provide better quality shows year after year. There are multiple ways to donate to the Guyer Opera House. You can donate your time and your abilities by volunteering to help backstage or auditioning for our shows. You can also help by donating monetarily or by donating specific set or costume pieces that we need for our upcoming shows.

Donate Monetarily

Your donations allow us to further fund the arts in Henry County.

The Guyer Opera House is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-profit organization. Your gifts are tax deductible within the limits of the Internal Revenue Code.


Providing Materials

Finding a way to make a difference doesn’t have to cost a thing! If you have access to any of the items we need to make our upcoming shows as great as they possibly can be, you will be an invaluable resource. Whether you donate the items for us to keep or just donate them for use within a show, we welcome all.