Wizard of Oz Cast List Announced





We had a wonderful turnout at auditions! Thank you to everyone who came to try out!


Dorothy – Jenny Lansinger
Gulch / Witch – Carrie Mena
Announcer / Uncle Henry – Robert Prince
Wizard of Oz – Jameson McGrew
Guard / Doorman / Winkle – Nick Taylor
Libby / Foley – Kat Ivey
Aunt Em / Paula Stone – Penny Sitler
Glenda – Ciara Huckeby
Scarecrow – Nic Simmons
Tin Man – Chris Sitler
Lion – Brian Rogers
Toto / Foley – Lacee Dolehanty
Foley – Bud Hoppes-Rains 

A message from the director: Thank you to all the wonderful actors and actresses who tried out. You were all wonderful! I’m sorry that I could not cast everyone!


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